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If you are a ambition for wrestling, If you want to go hard and want to make your career in modeling, wrestling, free style wrestling, marshal arts, mix art, Join us today. I can provide you a way for success which assure you for your goal. I have list of championship with us, You have opportunity with us, to prove yourself at National Level. If you are looking for a well trained trainer or looking for best gym around your area, I can guide you thorough everything you required.

You went into fitness class feeling motivated. Then you staggered home to the couch in pain. Follow these tips to stay out of harm’s way!

Fitness classes are all the rage—but sometimes, they can put you at risk for some serious pain.

When Jennifer Love Hewitt broke her wrist in a boxing class, she took to the Twittersphere to spread the word. Ouch.

It just shows: Although group fitness can be a great way to get exercise and stick to a weight-loss plan, classes aren't all super-fun sweat sessions—sometimes, they involve blood and tears, too.

Whether you're a badass boxer like Hewitt or swear by your morning spin class, check out these tips from the fitness industry's top instructors for how to get fit without getting hurt.


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Whether you are a beginner or an advanced bodybuilder, you’ll find that there is no one-size-fits-all ‘perfect diet’. It all depends on your particular physical condition, your body type and your fitness goals. However, there is some general..

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We combine industry best practices with the latest product and service offerings, while maintaining our signature Wrestler Club culture. State of the art equipment, unique aerobic floors (designed to lessen pain and strains), and highly motivated and caring personal trainer..

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